Does Music Affect Plant Growth?

10306505Music has a profound effect on everyone. From the soothing tones of classical music to the peppy beats of jazz, it has the ability to change our mood. But does music affect plants, too?

People have been experimenting with music and plants for almost three decades now. From school-level amateur projects to higher-level scientific experiments, the effect of music on plants has been a confusing and debatable topic. Many people claim to have observed the response of plants to music. Scientists, however, are of the opinion that plants are devoid of a nervous system, and thus are unable to understand music, or respond to it.

Obviously, plants are living objects that breathe and grow. But do they feel? There are contradicting opinions about the effect of music on plants, and whether they feel, or understand the meaning of music. But before getting into any conclusions, let us understand the meaning of music and plant growth.
What is Music?
To strip it down to the basics, music is sound, and sound is a wave. Sound waves are produced by generation of

I Can Go For That: The Eight Best Episodes of Live At Daryl’s House

db9e6ac641a49389c0880304a4060178One of the must see television shows for music fans of all generations is Live At Darryl’s House, which airs every Thursday night on VH-1 Classic and Palladia. It is hosted by pop rock veteran Darryl Hall, who wrote and sang most of the famous hits by the group Hall and Oates.

Some of his finest singles include “She’s Gone”, “Rich Girl”, “Sara Smile”, “Kiss On My List” and “I Can’t Go For That.” Hall performs some of the above on his current series, but the focus of each episode is on the music of his guest of the week.

He chooses artists from every genre of rock to invite to his home, where they collaborate on a half dozen songs. Hall also treats his guests to a home-cooked meal, which they all partake with conversation around his dining room table.

The series has been airing for almost a decade, during which time some great musicians and bands have stopped by to jam with him. Here are the eight best guests who have appeared on Live At Darryl’s House.

8. Joe Walsh

Not only is

How to Make Someone’s Day From Playing Piano

main-qimg-1ce3a40b47a95876d956a8cb511700c9If you’re about to play piano in front of your first audience, you might be a little scared. People almost always tend to think about what could go wrong instead of what they can do to prevent something to go wrong.

Here are some tips that may help you on your big day:

* Prepare your music:

You need to know for how long you’re going to play the piano, if there are going to be any breaks, etc. Only by knowing all the details you can proper schedule the music you’re going to play.

* Engage with your audience:

If you never played live before and you’re not very comfortable in this position, it may be a little hard at first. But all you need to do is to focus on your goal. You learned how to play piano, you play well, and now you can show that to people.

The best way you have to engage with your audience is by playing piano with your heart. Make sure that you show the people

Tips That Could Make Your Music Recording Successful at Home

Most aspiring musicians aren’t financially sound given the state of the economy where they strive to let the world know about their talent. There are several who are running towards the same goal and thus recording a song in a recording studio isn’t affordable by one and all. The cost of hiring a recording studio and recording a song until perfection would no doubt take up time and thus letting musicians spend money overtly. If you are an amateur and need to bring perfection to trial and error, a professional recording studio is expensive.

A great alternative to recording a song in a studio is to do the same at home. You could hire recording equipment or probably set up one all by yourself with the basic amenities that would aid in recording a music track. Here are a few tips that could help you gain perfection to the recording at home and not spend money in professional recording studios.

• Remove noisy elements – Appliances and gadgets like fans and air-conditioners tend to create sound in the background while you record. If may not be audible to the human ear but the recorder grasps the

Tips and Tricks for a Successful Audition

Auditions are nerve-wracking, we all know this. You spend weeks rehearsing a few pieces of music, just to have all of your time and commitment judged on one given performance. The circumstances leading up to the audition might not always be fair either. In any case, here are a few simple ways to help ease the stress of an audition so you are prepared to nail it with confidence!

1. Practice, practice, practice

I know this is common sense, but you can’t ever expect to go into an audition and actually be successful if you never put the any time or effort into rehearsing. Diligent practice is absolutely a necessity for every audition. Here’s why… No matter how skilled you think you may be, or how prepared either, the pressure will always be a factor. When you are right there in that moment, it is imperative that you receive as much training prior to this opportunity as possible. You will need to reference every bit of rehearsal you worked out, but luckily if you have practiced correctly, muscle memory and your inner soul will take over.

2. Get a good night sleep


Creating Rap Music – Tips to Make Rap Music Beats

If you want tips for creating rap music, then read this. You will learn tips to make rap music beats.

When mixing your own beats, you have to do some arranging. Do you understand what arranging actually means? In this discussion today, we are going to discuss the process of arranging as you mix your beats.

Basically arranging is taking everything that you have written and combining it in such a manner that it has a pleasing sound to the ears, both yours and your listeners. This is not hard to understand. It seems like it would be a difficult process, and the actual process itself is not hard. Getting the sound the way that you really want it is the difficult part.

Step #1 – Arrange your structure

Don’t forget that there are basically 5 parts to your song. There is the beginning or the intro, the chorus, the verse, the bridge and the ending or what a lot of people call the outro.

There are some different structures. A good structure to start off with is the intro, verse, chorus, bridge and then the ending if you want on.

Develop Music Teaching Skills Through These Guitar Teaching Tips

Are you a music teacher who wishes to enhance his/her music teaching skills without going elsewhere or overspending his/her hard-earned cash? Well, you have just landed to the right page. This article basically presents and discusses some reliable, effective and innovative guitar teaching tips that practically fit today’s generation of students. In here, you will get to learn some activities and exercises that can be enjoyed, appreciated and looked forward to by most of your students.

Whether you are attending your music classes in a school-classroom setting or you are managing your own private music studio, it is still a must that you are open in developing and modifying your skills, knowledge and expertise as a music educator. As music teaching can be both your passion and profession over the years, it is only reasonable that you make the most out of it – grabbing every chance and opportunity to grow both as a music teacher and a loving mentor.

Most music teachers like us want to consistently acquire the right motivation and inspiration to continuously improve our teaching skills and competencies. As we live in a society where development and convenience can go hand-in-hand,

How to Play Guitar Like a Pro – Useful Tips

Like in any other skill, you want to be better and in guitar playing it means you want to be more like a pro. Many people wonder what they need to do to be more like a pro guitar player, the same as everyone does so in this article we are going to present some tips that will help to expedite the process of learning how to play the guitar but more important, how to be better at guitar and fast.

And it will be mentioned only once – none of the tips below replace the need to practice as much as possible. You should spend at least 45-60 minutes per day practicing everything. It might be boring sometimes or seems useless and there might be times you feel you are not making any progress but you must insist on continue to practice at all costs. Simply practice, practice, practice. The tips below are based on experience of many people and on things that worked and didn’t work for them but not everything will work for you. You need to choose the ones that you feel comfortable with and work for you.

1. Become more

How to Produce Music – Drum Kit Panning

I am going to be giving out some music mixing tips and recording tips that will improve all of your recording and mixing a lot and get you on your way to learning how to produce music and how to make things in your song sound like you want them to.

Making a programmed drum kit sound like a real drum kit can be a little bit of a chore but not once you put a little bit of common sense into play and start to exercise your music mixing techniques you will catch on pretty quickly.

A live drum kit sound is what we are looking for so, the first thing we must do is pan the drum set up to mimic how a drum kit would be arranged. Then a drum kit would of course be playing in one room at one time, so we send all the drums to the same bus channel with a reverb unit on it.

You might want to send the bass drum to its own bus channel to cut out a boomy sound that can come from adding reverb to a bass/kick drum that would not normally

How to Make a Living With Music

This topic is sure to raise many eyebrows. If anyone has seen the movie “Sister Act 2”, you would have paid attention to what Whoopi Goldberg says to a teenager when it comes to music and singing. She said “When you wake up in the morning and can think of nothing else but singing, you should be a singer”. For those of you who live, breathe and eat music, this is an article for you. This topic lists 10 essential tips on how to make a living with music. I’m sure many of you would like to take up music professionally. From what I’ve seen, this list contains tips followed by professional and famous musicians who have made money and fame up to their ears. This will give you an insight of what you are really made of in this totally unpredictable industry.

1) You should get people who love music to become lovers of your music

We are living in an age where anyone and everyone can and does make their own music. Ok…maybe you have composed a couple of songs, but is that enough to impress big time recording companies? Your music must stand

Tips For Bringing Your Event To Life

Your job as an event planner doesn’t stop with the meeting in the company boardroom. You may be call upon to organize an employee appreciation event, an awards dinner, a product launch, the celebration of a company milestone, a gala recognizing a longtime employee’s retirement, an incentive event for the company’s sales force, a fundraising event, a holiday celebration…the list goes on and on.

These types of affairs differ from your typical corporate business meeting, and you face unique issues and pitfalls when planning them. Rave program reviews are generally the result of the blood, sweat, and tears you devote to the project. A well-designed and well-orchestrated event is analogous to a good stage production. It’s all about getting your act together and performing the right show for the right audience.

The following are 10 tips that zero in on the nitty gritty elements that can help earn your efforts glowing reviews (and make your mom really proud of you). As you begin each planning program, a key question to ask yourself is, “how can each activity engage the participant’s interest?”

Tip #1: Decide When To Stage Your Event

Timing is everything. The

Seven Tips on Making a Successful Video Production

Producing a video for your company can be an exciting and potentially stressful experience. There’s more to it than simply assigning a video production company to the task and crossing your fingers.

To get the most from your video production dollars, we’ll take a look at seven top tips for making your corporate video a success.

1. Start with Results. The first step is to work out exactly what you want your video to achieve. Is it to train staff on a new procedure or is to increase interest at trade shows? Design your video concept around the desired result. Often clients get caught up with showing off their company that the main message gets lost.

2. Write a brief. Once you know what you want to achieve, work out what you want to show and explain in your video. Formulate a brief that specifies your objectives, target audience, the countries your video will be viewed in and any required languages. A list of all the shots that you need is also helpful. Will the bulk of the shots be at your premises and do you need your CEO to talk to camera? Video production

The Types and Styles of Music

Music is a melody of words. A lover’s song to his love. A vent for anger. A sight painted by a musician for a blind man. A plea for deliverance. It brings happiness to the heart. It is the expression of life. Music has thousands of meanings. To explain all the ways it touches the heart is rather difficult, but the essence of music is to reach out and communicate a message not understood. It has evolved in style and composition over the ages, which resulted in different types and forms. Different types of music evolved as civilizations evolved and made their mark in the human history.


Instrumental music uses a composition of instruments to create the perfect rhythm and beat whether it is classical, jazz, opera, or other musical styles. This type of genre is different as there are no vocals and no lyrics and is enjoyed by many. It just uses the beat of a drum, the strings of a guitar, the chords of a violin, the sound of a trumpet and a range of other instruments to create music. Gary Gable, Richard Amos and John Adams are some of the most famous

Sheet Music

proved one of the more eclectic years in pop music. Sparks were fronted by an effeminate bohemian and a keyboard player with a Hitler moustache. Roxy Music had an album graced by two naked German beauties. Queen released their finest work, an amalgamation of white and black theatrics. ´On The Beach´ showed Neil Young baring his soul, following Bob Dylan´s footsteps a year prior. Among all that, Northern English rockers 10cc threw in their sophomore record, an astute combination of pop invention and recommendation.

Hailed as the Beatles of the seventies, 10cc had something not even The Beatles had (my apologies to Mr. Starr): four accomplished songwriters and singers, each brimming with ideas, each capable of turning an odd idea into a great hit. No George Martin was needed, each a competent producer, Stewart´s technical know-how served him well as resident engineer at Strawberry Recording Studios.

Furthering The Beatles analogy, 10cc had one McCartney songwriting partnership brimming with pop melodies and wonderful tunes, guitarist Eric Stewart and bassist Graham Gouldman, giving the album it´s most obvious hit, ´The Wall Street Shuffle´ (prior to joining 10cc, Gouldman had written beloved sixties hits for The Yardbirds and

How to Transfer Music from a Computer to an MP3 Player

MP3 players, Ipods, etc., are an absolute rage among music listeners all over the world. This is a simple step-by-step guide on how to transfer music from your PC to an MP3 player
In the early 80s, an American tabloid carried an interesting story about a mass weight-loss revolution that was happening all over the world, and how most gymnasiums hadn’t taken it too kindly. Fitness centers, aerobic clubs, and gymnasiums were losing out on business big time to none other than the Walkman. This device had become a massive craze all over the world, and it had completely transformed the overweight community into a group of slim, trim, and fit people. The concept of portable music had become so popular and addictive, that people began going for morning walks, afternoon runs, evening jogs, and even night strolls, all for the sake of experiencing the ‘In’ thing – the Walkman.

The MP3 Player

A quarter of a century later, there has been another worldwide revolution on pretty much the same lines as the Walkman. This time around, the wonder object goes by the name MP3 player. It has swept the entire world like a huge tidal wave and has completely

The Music Industry and Its Lack of Talent

So it has come to this… what we see overrides what we hear. What we see now influences HOW we hear. And what we see drowns out all that is heard to the point that we are virtually deaf.

Be it the pop music forced down our throats by the incessant rambling of the local radio station, or the sexy video bombarding our television on MTV, all is lost. Or at least misplaced somewhere deep within our own psyche.

Since when has what is being seen suddenly dictated what is being heard? This cannot be the reality of it all, yet it has become all too clear that in fact this is the only reality: sex and image comes before content and talent.

No one shall ever hear the likes of classic rock and roll again, as the music industry is overrun with cookie-cutter sex pistols whose waistline is the most important thing, not the talent held within that waist. For some time now, music has not been music, but a corporate image force fed to its “fans” with commercial weight absent of anything worth hearing, and overloaded with what may be worth seeing.

What Does An Audio Engineer Do When Mastering Music?

So you’re a musician that just recorded your first album. You probably went into a recording studio and played all of your parts a couple of times, with the audio engineer handling all of the technical stuff. As far as you know, they should be able to take all the parts they recorded, burn it to a disc, and then it should be ready to press. While this isn’t completely wrong, most professional musicians take their mixed down recording and pass it off to someone else for mastering.

What is mastering?

Mastering is the final step in the production of an album where they add the final “polish” to the recording. This is done by technically enhancing the clarity of the mixes. This makes the compilation of songs sound more coherent, more “together”. This also ensures that the mixes sound well on all listening devices.

Well, that’s all fine and dandy, but does a professional mastering technician do when mastering a recording?

1. Volume Level Maximization

This is to make sure that all audio is at maximum volume, so that all songs are at the same volume level. Ever watch late night

The Elements of Music

Music is a highly versatile art that originates in nature, and has been taken up by mankind as a way of expression and also as an art. On this day, I wish you many choral years of celebrating World Music Day. A quick glance at what goes on behind the headphones and speakers into the making of a song.
Music and its elements were initially taken up by man from sounds in nature, like the chirping of birds or blowing of the wind. Today, music has become an inclusive aspect. There exist countless numbers of genres and sub-genres that are unraveled frequently. But what doesn’t change is the elements of music around which all the genres revolve. For a dramatic description, imagine, will you, that the elements of music are the Sun, whilst the planets are the genres orbiting around it. Ain’t that a pretty picture? A close look at these elements and more follows.
The musical form is identification of the overall layout of music, and defines the genre of the physical characteristic it resonates. Sometimes, the format of lyrics is also used to classify the form of music. For example, a ballad is a narrative poem.

Promoting Your Music Online

Thanks to the Internet, it’s easier than ever for new bands and artists to be discovered and to sell their music directly to fans. How do you get started and what’s the best way to promote your band? Here are some tips:

One of the first places you’ll want to visit is MySpace. By now, everyone has heard of it and millions and millions of people have their own accounts. But I bet you didn’t know that MySpace offers a special type of account just for promoting a band or artist? It’s called MySpace Music and it’s completely free to sign up. With this type of account, you can add up to 4 full songs to your account for people to listen to while they are reading your MySpace page. This alone makes a MySpace Music page worthwhile to set up, since getting people to listen to and discover your music is the main goal of most new artists. Include a link to buy your CD from your own website, iTunes or other music store and you’ve got a great way to increase sales.

If someone likes the music on your profile, they can add your

Easy Ways To Promote Your Music

Even if you do not have a million dollar record deal with a well known label, there are plenty of effective marketing plans that you can get to work for you. Marketing does involve a fair amount of work, and you can easily lose money if you do not do it properly — money you may not even have in the first place. Here are some easy and inexpensive ways to promote your music.

Business cards — they are not just for men and women in suits! Usually inexpensive to print, they are easy to pass out for people to tuck away and look at later. Make a few hundred or a few thousand, and always have a handful with you to pass out. Music conferences, seminars, trade shows, and even music concerts are all great places to pass out business cards. Plus, any time you send out a demo CD or press kit you should tuck in a few so that the recipient will always know how to reach you.

EPs or demo CDs, about five to seven tracks long, area great way to get samples of your music out there. Put your best or